The player is located on the left side of the main page. The default setting is a random selection of music.
The basic data of the piece currently playing are displayed on the information interface. For more information on the recording being played, click on the title of the piece.
The data sheet includes the title, duration, artist and publisher of the recording, the number of the gramophone record, the year of publication and the genre.

Icons indicate the status of the work:
playable icon
indicates pieces you can listen to
wanted icon
indicates records currently wanted
under processing
under processing icon
indicates pieces being processed
Different versions of playable recordings are available on Gramophone Online:
  • cleaned, high-quality recordings are marked with an hq icon in the player /li>

Use the player‘s arrows to navigate from one recording to another.

After logging in, you can mark the pieces you like with an i like it icon to make them easier to find in your personal playlists. The Related Recordings panel next to the player lists other versions of the composition being played, other recordings by the performer, composer and record label, and other works published in the same year.


With the 'Add to my playlist' button next to the track, you can collect your favourite recordings and listen to them whenever you want. To export your personal playlist, copy the embed code of the list and paste it into your blog or website. Before you paste the link, please set the interface view to (source) code. One user can create up to 5 playlists with up to 20 recordings on each.


Enrich the collection!

If you would also like to have your own collection of gramophone records published on Gramophone Online, select one of the following options:

Individual digitalisation and uploading

You can upload your gramophone recordings directly to our website. The first step is to digitalise them. If you have the right equipment, you can do this at home.

For home digitalisation you need:
  • PC
  • sound card
  • digitalisation card
  • sound editor software (any downloadable freeware from the Internet, or Adobe Audition, Adobe Soundbooth, Cool Edit Pro, Sound Forge, Sonic Foundry)
  • record player with a dynamic head and interchangeable steel needle
  • direct pick-up PC connection: an electronic pick-up, steel needle system (not suitable: microphone, camcorder or mobile phone transfer), e.g. His Master’s Voice, Dual, Tonalit
  • an older pre-amplifier or an amplifier specially built for the above record playing technologies
Technical support

If you do not have this equipment or you have any technical questions, send us an email and we will help you with professional digitalisation.

Step-by-step digitalisation
  1. Put the gramophone record on the record player.
  2. Connect the audio output of the record player to the phono input of the amplifier. Before you do this, don’t forget to switch the device to dynamic setting to bypass the RIA corrector. This will eliminate distorted and too low tones from the digitalised recording.
  3. Locate the pre-amplifier’s line-in signal and connect it to your computer. If there isn’t one, you can use a 6.3 headphone plug to connect the two devices directly through the headphone output.
  4. Launch the software, start playing the gramophone record and record the track(s). Do not use a filter: we need the noise at the beginning and end of the recording for perfect sound cleaning. We also keep the original recordings in our archives.

The electronic pick-up often records the motor noise of the record player. You can avoid this by using professional shielding (not needed with HiFi systems) or use software noise reduction with capture profile cleaning.


After registering as a collector on the website, you can upload the pre-digitalised tracks to My Profile. Before submitted recordings are published on our website, we check them for professional, technical and legal compliance. You will receive email notification about the current status of processing. If you would like to illustrate the uploaded music with related pictures (e.g. contemporary newspaper articles, catalogues or record covers), please send them to our editor as email attachments. We welcome all recordings and other material not yet in our collection, as well as those that would replace existing recordings with higher-quality versions. Please only upload audio material from original gramophone records, and when the upload is complete please attach a scanned image of the record label in 150 dpi resolution.

Submitting gramophone records for digitalisation

Would you like others to benefit from gramophone records that you never listen to, instead of just having them around collecting dust? We are happy to go and collect them from you in person. If you wish to keep them as a momento after digitalisation, we will return them to you.

Permanent submission of gramophone records

Get rid of old gramophone records that you never listen to but that are cherished by lovers of old recordings. Please help us enrich our collection. We will be happy to arrange a time to pick up your records.

Expand the knowledge base

Take action if you think that some important information is missing from the data sheet of a recording or if you would like to share interesting contemporary photographs, newspaper articles, etc. with Gramophone Online’s audience or add some keywords to the recordings you like.


If you would like to add some information to a data sheet, please write an email to our editor.


If you would like to publish a photograph, newspaper article, record cover, sheet music or words, please contact our editor by email and attach the document to be published.


In addition to the technical keywords, you can add new tags to help visitors to Gramophone Online find recordings. Listener keywords can only be added after login.


Enrich the assessment process!

Shape public taste by sharing your opinion at Gramophone Online.


You can draw the attention of others to a recording you like by clicking on the heart icon on the player to add it to your personal playlist. By using public individual lists, not only you but also others can easily listen again to the selected recordings.


Share your opinion with visitors to the website and join the discussions at Gramophone Online. After login, you can post your opinion on blog entries and the personal playlists of other visitors.

Keep track of what is happening.

Social life

Join the exchange of ideas about the website and get first-hand information about the most interesting content, new features and the latest news related to Gramophone Online. You can join our visitors’ group on Facebook and keep track of events on Twitter.



We hope that while you are browsing Gramophone Online you often feel that you have found something you would like to share with your friends.

We have several options that you can use to share your experiences – just choose the one that is best for you and your friends:
  • Email: click on the megosztom icon next to the recording to forward the link to your friends
  • Facebook: share your favourite recording with all your online Facebook contacts. Just click on the megosztom icon next to the recording and then on the FACEBOOK button on the share panel
  • iWiW: all your friends at iWiW can listen to a recording if you click on the megosztom icon and then on the IWIW button on the share panel to pin it on your message board
  • Twitter: those following your tweets will immediately be notified about your discovery if you click on the megosztom icon and then the Twitter button on the share panel to display the link on your Twitter site
  • Embedding: you can add a recording to your own blog or website. Simply copy the embed code of the recording and paste it into the codepage of your blog or website

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